For payments made on the same day as treatment

Initial assessment (45-60 MINS) 35.00
Follow-up treatment (45 MINS) - 35.00
Pilates classes (1hr) 8.00
Individual 1:1 pilates sessions (1hr) 35.00

Reflex Physiotherapy Clinic is registered with all major insurance companies. Due to the amount of paper work and reports involved treatment costs that are covered through insurance may be at a slightly higher rate. Payment must be made by cash or cheque.

What to expect

When attending for any physiotherapy treatment here at the clinic, please be advised that you may be asked to remove clothing, so that the problem area can be examined.

Please dress appropriately and feel free to bring a pair of shorts if we are assessing your low back or lower limbs. You may be accompanied for your appointment if you so wish.

During the consultation you will be questioned about your problem, past medical history and any medication, followed by a detailed examination of the affected area.

After the consultation, treatment options will be discussed and mutually agreed before treatment is commenced.